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Qualities of an Innovator

Posted by Rajesh Kumar on October 11, 2012

1. Challenges Status quo

  • Dissatisfied with current state.
  • Questions Routine.
  • Confronts assumptions.

2. Self-motivated

  • Finds reason and Strengths to complete a task.
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  • Intrinsically rewarded for efforts.

3. Curious: Explores environment

  • Investigates new possibilities.
  • Honors sense of awe and wonder.

4. Takes Risks: Go beyond comfort zone.

  • Experimental and non-conforming.
  • Courageously willing to fail.

5. Tolerates Ambiguity:

  • Comfortable with chaos.
  • Doesn’t settle for the first “RIGHT IDEA”.

6. Committed to Learning

  • Continually seeks knowledge.
  • Synthesizes new input quickly.
  • Balances information gathering and action.

7. Recognizes Patterns

  • Notices organizing principles & trends.
  • Sees and challenges the “BIG PICTURE”.

8. Formally Articulate

  • Communicates ideas effectively.
  • Translates abstract concepts into meaningful language.
  • Creates prototypes with ease.

9. Flexible/Adaptive

  • Open to coincidence and change.
  • Able to adjust game plan.
  • Entertains multiple ideas & solutions.

10. Resilient

  • Bounces back from disappointment.
  • Learns quickly from feedback.
  • Willing to try again.

11. Makes New Connections

  • Sees relationships between seemingly disconnected elements.
  • Synthesizes new combinations.

12. Self-accepting

  • Withholds compulsive criticism of their own ideas.
  • Understands “If you seek perfection, you will never be content”.

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